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1 Series 5-door PCH

Cooper Thames Ditton

Cooper BMW Thames Ditton
42 Portsmouth Road
Long Ditton
Tel:020 3131 8978

Welcome to Cooper BMW Thames Ditton. As the Authorised BMW Dealer for Thames Ditton and the surrounding area, including Surbiton, Long Ditton, Kingston, Richmond and Twickenham, we offer the highest levels of service and expertise. We'd also like to thank our customers for their patience during our refurbishment; call the BMW Sales team to find out about our amazing re-development deals!


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"Absolutely fantastic experience, would highly recommend them all. Adam S, Carlos and Adam B were extremely helpful throughout, and the process was easier then picking my weekly fantasy football team. Had a great chat with Enzo too - Top dealership."

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"an excellent job done on the tyre change, and got a complementary service check and ride into work. However, did not receive the quote on body work i requested twice."

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Current Offers

Current Offers

You can find low monthly payments, small deposits and extremely competitive APR rates...only at Cooper Thames Ditton

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